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Sand Lake Property Owners Association
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From the birds & bees to the lakes and the trees...”
Nestled in Itasca county in Northern Minnesota and deep within the Chjippewa National Forest, Sand Lake is home to many and a welcome retreat for others. We boast friendly people, a rich history and premier walleye fishing.

The Sand Lake Property Owner’s Association is a tax-exempt non-profit association whose two main goals are to improve fish management and water quality in our lakes. Our association is managed 100% by Lake Owner volunteers. There are no salaries. We operate completely on Dues and Donations.

Sand Lake is located in the heart of the Chippewa National Forest in the well-known Bowstring Chain of lakes. Sand Lake is a 4,328-acre naturally fed lake with direct access to Bowstring Lake, Little Sand Lake, the Bowstring River, Rice Lake, Birds’ Eye Lake, Portage Lake, Dora Lake and the Bigfork River. It is eight miles long and four miles wide with a maximum depth of 70 feet, a median depth of 17 feet, and 19.9 miles of beautiful shoreline. It holds an abundance of  Walleye, Northern Pike, Large & Small Mouth Bass, Jumbo Perch, Crappies and Pan Fish.

                Carole Olson, President

Sand Lake Property Owners AssociationBoard of Directors, Officers & Volunteers 2016/17

President: Carole Olson
Phone: 218- 659-4757


Vice President: Gary Weaver
Phone: 218-659-2707 or


Treasurer: Chuck Baker
Phone: 218-659-2955


Secretary: Bernie Troje




Myron Hahn 
Phone 218-659-2668 


Stafford King 
Phone 218-659-2146



John Perkins:

Sand Paper Editor & Web: 
Phone:  218-659-4754 or       
​    jfpc2@paulbunyan.net
(Left to Right)
Victor Warnement, Chuck Baker, Gary Weaver, Myron Hahn, Stafford King, Carole Olson. Not pictured - Bernie Troje

Sand Lake Property Owners Association Mission Statement:

Protecting the environment of Sand, Little Sand, Portage, and Birds Eye Lakes and surrounding area. This includes a program to prevent aquatic invasive species (AIS) from entering or leaving the lakes, catch and release emphasis, Adopt-a-Highway, new lake resident's orientation, and ongoing public education. All of this is coordinated with association members and the MN Dept of Natural Resources. 


A big THANK YOU to all who attended and made this year's annual meeting a great success.
 We were fortunate to once again enjoy a catered lunch from Sportsman's Cafe in Deer River. Lunch included ham, rolls, potato salad, coleslaw, and baked beans,  soda, water with cake and coffee to finish off a perfect meal. 

Lunch was followed by a presentation from our friend Dave Weitzel from the DNR. He explained the results of the summer netting and electro shocking and explained the process, touching on the northern, walleye, bass and pan fish numbers. He covered water clarity and its effects on the fish and lake habitat.  A survey was distributed regarding the Northern limits and we were invited to attend a public meeting on September 28,2017, 7pm at Sand Lake Community Center to discuss future  Northern Pike regulations.  This was followed with a question and answer period.  Thanks again to all who participated in this discussion it was informative for all.

Sometimes  these events can be bitter sweet. As new members are elected to the Board of Directors, those who have spent much time and energy serving our members move off the board,  sometimes temporarily sometimes permanently. I looked over my records and since 1989, approximately 65 different  individuals  have  served on the board. Many served several times and in different capacities. That says a lot for the dedication of this association and its members.
 With that said this year both Pat Sievertson  and Vic Warnement came off the board, Pat's last position as secretary and Vic's last position  was as Past President. They both have worked very hard and have been very instrumental in strengthening our association.  We have been fortunate to have them working in these leadership roles,  we look forward to their continued participation in the association.

I would now like to welcome Bernie Troje to the board he will be taking over the responsibilities  of  board  secretary. Bernie is a long time resident  of  Sand Lake we look forward to getting to know him better. I will remain as President this next year, Gary Weaver continues as Vice President, Chuck Baker Treasurer and Myron Hahn and Staff King as Directors.

I would personally like to thank  you all for the opportunity to serve on the SLPOA Board. Working hand in hand with you, the rest of the board, the DNR, and the County to make Sand Lake and our Association stronger and better. A special thanks to those who shared  their thoughts and ideas at the meeting. We will work at better communication with the membership. Please keep an eye on the website for upcoming meetings and events along with minutes from meetings. I appreciate your input and ideas  on what you would like to see the association accomplish.  If we work together and everyone gives their ideas, time and energy we may be able to make some of these ideas  a reality.

​In your service...

Carole Olson 

Carole Olson
President's Letter

Birdseye Lake Acquisition Update

January 24, 2014

An excerpt from the Basin News- in the summer of the year 2000
Sand Lake Township, Itasca County, Minnesota.

Wouldn't it be nice to do something great for your favorite lake? Something real to keep it wild and undeveloped. To keep it unspoiled and special… the way you would like your children and their children to experience it. Unrealistic pipe dream? Perhaps. Difficult? Definitely! Impossible? No way. Due to hard work and cooperation, the difficult has been made possible for those who love Birdseye and Sand Lakes; a most generous gift by a private citizen and his family has resulted in the recent purchase of 1.45 miles of wild shoreline for conservation.  And that was the beginning……

Fast forward to January 2018

I received a call from Dave Weitzel Minnesota Department of Natural Resources letting me know that  they are at the final stages in the acquisition  of Birdseye lake. He will be going before the County Board for final approval  in the next few weeks. He has requested a letter of support from the Board on behalf of SLPOA.
In reviewing association records as far back as 2000, the Sand Lake Property Owners Association has supported and been behind the Department of Natural Resources project of acquiring all private land around Birdseye lake, and keeping it natural and pristine.
The last privately owned parcel is now at the final stage of acquisition by the state. Many funding sources have been sought to achieve this goal. As most of you are aware the SLPOA board has pledged up to $30,000 toward this funding if its needed. This money was donated to the association for special use and specifically requested to be used for this purchase,  if it goes through.
In addition you as lake property owners may want to contact your board member, Davin Tinquist, encouraging a yes vote if you are also passionate about keeping Birdseye Lake wild and pristine.
Davin Tinquist, Itasca County Board Commissioner for our area can be reached at 218-999-7157.

As we all know things don't always move quickly, but we are hopeful that this dream is about to become a reality. Many of our past board members have worked with the DNR to try and make this a reality how wonderful for them and all of us to see this happen in our lifetime so our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy Birdseye Lake undeveloped, wild and natural right in our backyard.
If you have questions please let me know and I will try to get them answered.  You can send an email to our associations new email address at:    sandlakepoaitasca@gmail.com or feel free to give me a call.

Let’s stand together and see Birdseye remain wild and undeveloped.
Birdseye Forever!

Carole Olson --President SLPOA

December 11, 2017,
Sand Lake Northern Pike regulation

I wanted to send an update on the Northern Pike regulation review for Sand Lake and to thank you for your participation in the regulation review process.  The Northern Pike regulation on Sand Lake will change on the 2018 fishing opener.  The Minnesota DNR has decided to drop the experimental regulation in favor of the northcentral zone regulation.  This decision was based on biological data and public input.  Biological data suggests that the experimental regulation that had been on the lake since 2007 and the new zone regulation will produce similar fisheries.  Dropping the experimental regulation will result in consistency with other nearby lakes and reduce angler confusion.  This decision was strongly supported by public opinion, as 76% of received comments indicated support for removing the regulation.  In fact, removal of the regulation was universally favored by lakeshore property owners, non-lakeshore resident anglers, and non-resident anglers.
     In the north-central zone, anglers will be able to keep 10 northern pike, but not more than two pike longer than 26 inches; and all from 22 to 26 inches must be released.  Northern pike taken by spearing follow the same rules, except one pike may be between 22 and 26 inches and one larger than 26 inches.
     Feel free to share this information with other interested parties.  I sent letters to Sand Lake resort owners in an outreach effort to promote awareness.  There will also be a DNR news release coming in the near future.  If you have any questions about this regulation change, please contact the MN DNR Grand Rapids Area Fisheries Office at 218-328-8836.
     David L. Weitzel, Area Fisheries Supervisor, MN DNR Grand Rapids, 218-328-8835

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DNR Fish Survey On Sand Lake 7/16/17

The walleye slot began in 2016 in an effort to make the excellent Sand Lake walleye fishing evfen better for years to come.
Fishing Regulations
Sand Lake has a walleye slot and
special northern pike regulations.

Sand Lake has an expanded posession limit of 9 northern pike instead of the usual 6 and a 22"-36" northern pike slot.


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