Sand Lake Property Owners Association
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From the birds & bees to the lakes and the trees...”
Nestled in Itasca county in Northern Minnesota and deep within the Chjippewa National Forest, Sand Lake is home to many and a welcome retreat for others. We boast friendly people, a rich history and premier walleye fishing.

The Sand Lake Property Owner’s Association is a tax-exempt non-profit association whose two main goals are to improve fish management and water quality in our lakes. Our association is managed 100% by Lake Owner volunteers. There are no salaries. We operate completely on Dues and Donations.
Sand Lake is located in the heart of the Chippewa National Forest in the well-known Bowstring Chain of lakes. Sand Lake is a 4,328-acre naturally fed lake with direct access to Bowstring Lake, Little Sand Lake, the Bowstring River, Rice Lake, Birds’ Eye Lake, Portage Lake, Dora Lake and the Bigfork River. It is eight miles long and four miles wide with a maximum depth of 70 feet, a median depth of 17 feet, and 19.9 miles of beautiful shoreline. It holds an abundance of fish such as Walleye, Northern Pike, Large & Small Mouth Bass, Jumbo Perch, Crappies and Pan Fish.

                Carole Olson, President

The 2016-17 Sand Lake Property Owners Board (Left to Right)
Victor Warnement, Chuck Baker, Gary Weaver, Myron Hahn, Stafford King

Pat Sievertson, Carole Olson

Sand Lake Property Owners AssociationBoard of Directors, Officers & Volunteers 2016/17

President: Carole Olson
Phone: 218- 659-4757,  Email: 

Vice President: Gary Weaver
Phone: 218-659-2707, Email:

Treasurer: Chuck Baker
Phone: 218-659-2955 , Email:

Secretary: Pat Sievertson
 Phone: 218-659-2157, Email:


 Myron Hahn 
Phone 218-659-2668, Email:

Stafford King 
Phone 218-659-2146, Email:

Immdeiate Past President: Victor Warnement
Phone:218-659-4788, Email:

John Perkins: Sand Paper Editor & Web: 

 Phone:  218-659-4754 or 828-698-5897

Sand Lake Property Owners Association Mission Statement:

Protecting the environment of Sand, Little Sand, Portage, and Birds Eye Lakes and surrounding area. This includes a program to prevent aquatic invasive species (AIS) from entering or leaving the lakes, catch and release emphasis, Adopt-a-Highway, new lake resident's orientation, and ongoing public education. All of this is coordinated with association members and the MN Dept of Natural Resources. 

    Hi friends, my name is Carole Olson, and I have been voted in as the SLPOA Board President for this coming year. I look forward to the opportunity to continue helping make Sand Lake and our association the best that it can be. 
    At this time I would like to thank Vic Warnement for his hard work and dedication during his past six years on the board .  We are fortunate to have his assistance this next year as Past President a voting member of the board. His experience and expertise will be very helpful as we wrap up the Lakes Management Plan which has covered stocking and lake management since 2012. The Board will continue working with SLPOA members and the Department Of Natural Resources to improve lake management.   
    As summer gently comes to a close, and we start to see our neighbors and friends closing their cabins for the season, the County will provide the Decontamination Unit at the boat launch each weekend through the end of September.  The decontamination unit is a self contained high pressure sprayer with hot enough water to clean and kill zebra mussels that may be on your boat or pontoon. All boats going through the public access will be checked and sprayed to remove zebra mussels whether you are going to another lake or storing the boat/pontoon for the season.  We were very fortunate to have both the DNR and the County checking boats coming in and out of Sand Lake to try and stop the transfer of invasive species from lake to lake in Minnesota.  More information can be found on NextDoor regarding time and dates.
    Watch for the upcoming Sand Paper for updated information and informative articles. I look forward to meeting more of my neighbors on the lake as I continue serving on the board.

Carole Olson

Carole Olson
President's Letter
The walleye slot began in 2016 in an effort to make the excellent Sand Lake walleye fishing evfen better for years to come.
Fishing Regulations
Sand Lake has a walleye slot and
special northern pike regulations.

Sand Lake has an expanded posession limit of 9 northern pike instead of the usual 6 and a 22"-36" northern pike slot.

SLPOA Newsletter


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From Mike Stettler... Here's a historical recap of when Sand Lake iced up and when the ice went out.

Year              Ice Out          Ice In

1993                  4/23                  
1994                  4/23                        
1995                  4/24                       11/12
1996                  5/8                          11//28    5" ice on lake
1997                  4/26                       11/15
1998                  4/15                       12/10
1999                  4/23                       12/16
2000                  4/10                       11/22
2001                  2/29
2003                                                    11/8
2004                  4/21                       12/1
2005                  4/16                       11/25
2006                  4/15                       11/19
2007                  4/26                       11/23
2008                  5/10                       11/21
2009                  4/28                       12/5
2010                  4/3                          11/24
2011                  4/28                       11/21
2012                  3/28                       11/25
2013                  5/13                       11/22
2014                  5/11                       11/15
2015                  4/16                       11/28
2016                  4/17